Pennsylvania Forklift Certification

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Pennsylvania Forklift Certification and Training Compliant with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178, ANSI, and CSA Standards.

Sign up and get the most Trusted and Recognized Online Pennsylvania Forklift Certification with our easy-to-use and fully OSHA-compliant Forklift Training and Certification for Only $59.

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Pennsylvania Forklift Certification Card

OSHA Forklift Certification and Training in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s diverse manufacturing base, strategic location as a logistics hub, and robust agricultural sector create a strong demand for skilled forklift operators.

Get your OSHA-compliant Pennsylvania forklift certification and unlock rewarding career opportunities across the Keystone State.

With’s convenient online training, gain the skills and credentials Pennsylvania employers value.

Forklift Jobs in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania offers a wealth of forklift operator opportunities across its diverse economy. From bustling warehouses and manufacturing centers to its vital agricultural industry and unique sectors, your forklift skills will be in demand in the Keystone State.

Warehousing & Distribution

Pennsylvania’s strategic location near major East Coast markets makes it a significant logistics hub. Get your certification and you can operate forklifts in PA’s numerous distribution centers, freight terminals, and warehouses.


Support Pennsylvania’s agricultural sector by operating various types of forklifts in grain handling, food processing plants, farm operations, and distribution centers across the state.

Ports & Shipping

Pennsylvania’s ports, particularly Philadelphia, offer opportunities for certified forklift operators in cargo handling, container management, and logistics operations.


As a skilled forklift operator, you can contribute to Pennsylvania’s diverse manufacturing, which spans heavy industry, pharmaceuticals, food processing, consumer goods, and more.

Energy and Natural Resources

Pennsylvania has forklift job potential in industries related to energy production or natural resource extraction that might require certified forklift operators and their expertise.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Pennsylvania has a growing healthcare and life sciences sector. With your new PA forklift certification, you can operate forklifts within warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities serving this field.

How to Get Your Forklift Certification in Pennsylvania

It’s easy to get your PA forklift certification the same day with Signing up and completing the Pennsylvania forklift training at your own pace is simple, and the best part is that you won’t need to spend an entire day in a classroom. Here’s how to get started:

1: Sign Up

Click here or on the Get Certified button on this page. You’ll be taken through the secure checkout process, where you’ll complete your registration and make payment for the course. Once checkout is complete, you’ll be logged into your new account automatically and have access to your course.

2: Complete Your Training

Complete the standards-compliant online Pennsylvania forklift training course at your own pace. You can stop the course and resume when it’s most convenient for you. When you return, you can resume the course from where you left off. You can take the forklift test as many times as needed to get a passing score.

3: Print Your Certification

Once you’ve completed the forklift training course, your forklift certification will be available instantly in your account. You’ll get both a diploma-style certificate and a wallet card that you can carry with you. You can include both the certificate and wallet card when you submit resumes to prospective employers.

*Practical Evaluation*

When you’re hired as an operator, your company will complete workplace and equipment-specific training specific to your work environment and the equipment you’ll be operating. They’ll conclude with a practical skills evaluation and can sign the back of your wallet card.

Pennsylvania Forklift Certification
Pennsylvania Forklift Training Course

FAQ About Forklift Certification in Pennsylvania

While employers are responsible for providing workplace-specific training and a practical evaluation for operators, candidates with an up-to-date certificate from a reputable Pennsylvania forklift training provider can have a significant advantage over other applicants.

Picture this: two candidates are nearly 100 percent equal, except only one has a forklift certification.

Who would an employer pick? The certified candidate, of course!

Having a certificate showing that you’ve completed the general training in advance makes you more desirable than another applicant who hasn’t.

This is because this portion of the training is the most disruptive to an employer’s operations. If you’ve already completed this, you’re likely saving the employer 4 – 8 hours of training time and any other disruptions and indirect costs related to training.

It also shows the prospective employers that you’ve taken the initiative and are interested in your personal growth and professional development.

This is a highly desirable trait in a job applicant, especially in today’s job market. It will put you ahead of other candidates who don’t show this same drive.

OSHA requires that all forklift operators in Pennsylvania be certified by receiving training and then being evaluated by their employers to ensure they are competent to safety operate forklifts in their work environment.

The forklift certification cost in Pennsylvania with is extremely affordable and much less than live training centers. Our trusted and recognized OSHA forklift certification is just $59. This includes all classes of powered industrial trucks, including sit-down, narrow aisle, pallet jacks, telehandlers, and more.

At, certifying your forklift operators in Pennsylvania is simple and affordable. You can learn more and start training your forklift operators by visiting this page: Certify My Forklift Operators

The Pennsylvania forklift certification and training course takes approximately 2 – 4 hours to complete. The course is self-paced, so this time can vary. Experienced operators typically can complete the course faster than newer operators.

To operate a forklift in Pennsylvania, OSHA requires that operators complete forklift training that aligns with the powered industrial truck standard.

This includes completing a forklift training program that covers forklift fundamentals, safety, and legislation. This training can be completed via online forklift training or in a classroom setting.

Then, the Pennsylvania forklift operator must receive workplace and equipment-specific training on their specific equipment from the employer they will be working for. The employer must also complete a practical evaluation to confirm the operator can safely operate the equipment they’ve been trained on.

Find Your Next Forklift Job in These Top Pennsylvania Cities

Get your Pennsylvania forklift certification and explore the diverse job market across the Keystone State. Discover Pennsylvania cities where your forklift skills will be in high demand, unlocking a rewarding career path.

  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Allentown
  • Reading
  • Erie
  • Scranton
  • Bethlehem
  • Lancaster
  • Harrisburg
  • York
  • Upper Darby
  • Bensalem
  • Lower Merion
  • Abington
  • Bristol Township
  • Haverford
  • Penn Hills
  • Middletown
  • Altoona
  • State College
  • Wilkes-Barre
  • Norristown
  • Chester
  • Bethel Park
  • Monroeville