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Our Online Forklift and Electric Pallet Jack Certification has been designed in alignment with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178, ANSI B56.1, and the CSA B335-15 Safety Standard for Lift Trucks. That means that the pallet jack training course is modern, up-to-date, compliant, and will be universally recognized by employers with the most stringent operator qualification standards. If our certificate is not accepted in any of the following states, we’ll give you a full refund for the training.

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New and Experienced Operators Classes 1,2,3,4,5,7 (Including Pallet Jacks)

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Online Forklift and Pallet Jack Certification Outline

Our interactive Online Forklift and Pallet Jack Certification Training provides operators with comprehensive knowledge and decision-making skills that ultimately results in improved safety and productivity while operating various types of mobile equipment. The course is comprised of several elements including five (5) learning modules that conclude with a knowledge assessment (quiz).

Introduction and OverviewOnline Forklift Certification - Module 1

During the introduction and overview module, students learn about the course functionality as well as the requirements to competently progress through the lessons. The remainder of the module focuses on topics that introduce workers to Forklift, the legislation, training requirements, and factors that contribute to incidents.

  • Lift truck overview
  • Lift Truck incidents and contributing factors
  • Standards and legislation
  • Training and physical requirements

Equipment Types, Anatomy & ComponentsForklift Certificaiton - Types of Trucks

Module 2 will introduce learners to the various types of Forklifts as well as their most common features and components. The module will conclude with learners becoming familiarized with required Forklift maintenance and inspection principals.

  • Types of Forklifts and classification
  • Component identification
  • Features and attachments
  • Pre-operational inspections

Stability and CapacityForklift Certification Stability

Module 3 covers the cornerstone of forklift safety; stability and capacity. Throughout the module, students learn about stability and capacity-related principals, factors that affect stability, and how to prevent stability-related incidents. The entire module puts focus on forklift tip over prevention since tip-overs are a leading cause of forklift-related fatalities.

  • Stability
  • The stability triangle and trapezoid
  • Load center
  • Nameplate and Capacity
  • Factors that affect stability

General Operation & SafetyONline Forklift Certification - Load Handling

Module 4 cover general operation and safety principals. Students will learn how to select the correct forklift and attachments based on the tasks that they’re required to perform. They’ll also learn how to safely travel loaded and unloaded, how to safely handle various types of loads, and how to operate during unique scenarios, among other things.

  • Truck and accessory selection
  • Start-up
  • Travelling
  • Load selection, security, and integrity
  • Load pick up, placement, stacking, and destacking
  • Docks, trucks, shipping containers, and railcars
  • Ramps, grades, and elevators
  • Lifting, lowering and supporting personnel
  • Shutdown procedures

Refueling / RechargingOnline Forklift Certification - Refueling-Rechargin

In the final module of the Online Forklift Certification training course, students will learn about principals relating to safely refueling and recharging their equipment.

  • Propane cylinder exchange
  • Propane cylinder inspection
  • Refueling other hydrocarbons
  • Battery recharging and exchange

Covered Classes

  • Class 1: Electric Motor Rider Trucks

  • Class 2: Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Truck

  • Class 3 – Electric Motor Hand or Hand/Rider Trucks (Pallet Jacks)

  • Class 4: Internal Combustion Engine Trucks (Solid/Cushion Tires)

  • Class 5: Internal Combustion Engine Trucks (Pneumatic Tires)

  • Class 7: Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks

Here’s What Our Customer Are Saying

Wow! Great Forklift Course!

Wow, I was really impressed with this course. Very interactive and does a great job to prepare you for the module quizzes. I love how convenient the training is. I completed the whole thing on my iPad!

Jonathan S. Material Handler

I Would Recommend this Training

The training course was easy to understand and I liked that I could complete it at home on my time. The quality was great, the information was clear and interactive activities, real-life scenarios were great.

I would recommend to take it to anyone who requires it for work opportunities.

David Olazabal Lopez

Super Easy to Use and Follow

The Forklift Training Course was super easy to use and follow. Much better than expected. Keep up the great training modules!

Staci Kamrar ... JD Ellen Manufacturing, Inc

High Quality and Easy to Use

Very helpful, easy to use, high quality, start to finish it was good. The training was better than expected and a lot easier to learn than I thought.

Daniel Kersnik

Very Informative and Interactive

I really enjoyed the interactive elements in each of the modules! Very informative and interactive which was more than I expected.

David Rustenburg ... Rob Enter Landscapes

Very Convenient!

Very convenient! Better than I expected, easy to follow and intuitive. I will be signing up more employees.

Ian Mickleborough

Better Than Previous Courses

The format was really well done and presented from an educational perspective. It was better than previous courses in that I could work at my own pace.

Tuomas Kukkonen