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Built to the Highest Standards™ is the industry-leading training provider offering OSHA-compliant forklift Training solutions to individual operators looking to get certified and companies that need to certify their operators.

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Forklift Operator Certification (English)

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New and Experienced Operators Classes 1,2,3,4,5,7 (Including Pallet Jacks)

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Forklift Operator Certification (SPANISH)

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New and Experienced Operators Classes 1,2,3,4,5,7 (Including Pallet Jacks)</strong>

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Need to Certify Your Forklift Operators?

Our forklift operator training solutions allow you to quickly and effectively provide training to your workers, contractors, and groups using your preferred training method. We make it easy for employers to deliver high-quality forklift training to their workforce using affordable, time-saving training options.

Forklift Operator Online Training

Need a simple and fast way to train groups of workers? Save time and money with our Forklift Operator Online Training solutions.

Forklift Train the Trainer Certification

Complete your Forklift Train the Trainer Certification and get your forklift Instructor’s certificate with our comprehensive online program.

Forklift Instructor Package w/Materials

Get everything you need to certify your operators at your worplace including our trainer certification course and a training materials kit.

Forklift Operator Course Licensing

Have your own LMS? Our Forklift Operator Course Licensing option lets you deploy high-quality Forklift training to your operators.

Frequently Asked Questions

While employers are responsible for providing workplace-specific training and a practical evaluation for operators, candidates with an up-to-date certificate from a reputable forklift training provider can have a significant advantage over other applicants.

Picture this: two candidates are nearly 100 percent equal, except only one has a forklift certification.

Who would an employer pick? The certified candidate, of course!

Having a certificate showing that you’ve completed the general training in advance makes you more desirable than another applicant who hasn’t.

This is because this portion of the training is the most disruptive to operations for an employer. If you’ve already completed this, you’re likely saving the employer 4 – 8 hours of training time and any other disruptions and indirect costs related to training.

It also shows the prospective employers that you’ve taken the initiative and are interested in your personal growth and professional development.

This is a highly desirable trait in a job applicant, especially in today’s job market. It will put you ahead of other candidates who don’t show this same drive.

Yes, our forklift training courses exceed the knowledge component training requirements as set forth by OSHA, ANSI, and CSA forklift standards. Workplace and equipment-specific training will also be required to satisfy operator competency requirements, depending on whether you’re an experienced operator and have had training in the past. Your employer must complete this portion of the training.

OSHA requires that all forklift operators in the United States be certified by receiving training and then being evaluated by their employers to ensure they are competent to safely operate forklifts in their work environment. Canadian law requires the same and mostly cites the CSA standard, which our training has been designed with.

The forklift certification cost with is extremely affordable and much less than live training centers. Our trusted and recognized OSHA forklift certification is just $59. This includes all classes of powered industrial trucks, including sit-down, narrow aisle, pallet jacks, telehandlers, and more.

At, certifying your forklift operators is simple and affordable. You can learn more and start training your forklift operators by visiting this page: Certify My Forklift Operators

The forklift certification and training course takes approximately 1 – 3 hours to complete. The course is self-paced, so this time can vary. Experienced operators typically can complete the course faster than newer operators.

To operate a forklift in the United States and Canada, operators need to complete forklift training that aligns with the legislative requirements and forklift standards (OSHA, ANSI, CSA).

This includes completing a forklift training program that covers forklift fundamentals, safety, and legislation. This training can be completed via online forklift training or in a classroom setting.

Then, the forklift operator must receive workplace and equipment-specific training on their specific equipment from the employer they will be working for. The employer must also complete a practical evaluation to confirm the operator can safely operate the equipment they’ve been trained on.

Yes! We have an online trainer and evaluator program that helps you or another designated employee conduct training and perform the required practical evaluations for operators. We also have complete packages that include training materials. You can click this link to learn more: forklift train-the-trainer options here.

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