Forklift Operator Resume – Making Sure You Get the Job Interview

When searching for that high-paying operator position, crafting the perfect forklift operator resume is the first step to getting your dream job with a preferred company. While many people look for these types of jobs, you can always develop a competitive edge against them by knowing how to write your resume so that it stands out above all others.

Below are some tips you should consider when preparing your forklift operator resume.

Tip 1: Provide a Cover Letter

Many applicants do not provide a cover letter and have no clue that it could be lowering their chances of getting an interview. This is something you should definitely include.

The cover letter should include the type of job you’re looking for and also the objective of getting that job. This section of your resume shows briefly to the employer that you’re eager and ready for the task at hand. Don’t provide very detailed information about your skills at this stage since this will be done later on in the resume.

Additionally, remember to provide important contact information that your potential employer would use to reach you for an interview. Enter your official name on the first line, and then on the second add your email and phone number. Note that these details can be placed at the top or bottom section of the page and be made bold so as to be more conspicuous.

Tip 2: Include Relevant Work Experience

This may seem obvious, but many people leave this out! If you’ve worked as a forklift operator for other companies before, remember to mention them in your previous work experience. Include the period of employment and duties/responsibilities you undertook. Preferably, list your work experience in a sequential manner, starting from the most present to those that you did in the past. While there’s no limit to the number of previous employers you can add to your resume, the general rule of thumb is 3 to 4. Some relevant job-experience information you can mention includes:

  • Ensured accurate, safe loading and unloading processes were followed
  • Preserved a clean and safe working environment
  • Successfully completed and documented pre-operational inspections
  • Conducted packaging quality checks on material loaded and unloaded on trucks

Always start by mentioning the skills that are most relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Tip 3: Include Your Achievements

Training is mandatory for any forklift operator. Apart from being at least 18 years of age,  you should also possess a certificate that indicates you’ve completed a comprehensive, standards-compliant forklift operator training course. Any forklift operator resume should include this to increase the chances of getting an interview. Completing forklift training is actually an OSHA requirement.

Similarly, remember to mention any awards or recognitions you received while in school, such as things like “most organized” or “most punctual”. These awards show the potential employer that you have a great work ethic and also moral character, which are important skills for any forklift operator.

Tip 4: Include Cool Hobbies and Activities

Make sure that you include any interesting hobbies or activities that you participate in, even if they are not relevant to the position. Including the fact that you participate in martial arts or skydiving will make your forklift operator resume stand out above all others. Participating in interesting activities also demonstrates that you’re disciplined, adventurous, and a “go-getter.” This can include sports, artistic endeavors like photography, and other interesting things.

Tip 5: Mention Your References

The last section of your resume should be dedicated to mentioning professional references. These can be your previous employers, colleagues, warehouse managers and so on. You can also write a brief statement at the bottom saying ‘references are available on request,’ but you must bring this list with you for the final interview with your employer.

Get Forklift Certified

Benefits of Including Your Certifications on Your Forklift Operator Resume

Now that you’ve decided to become a forklift operator, obtaining an online forklift certification before applying for the job is very helpful. OSHA requires that all forklift workers have the necessary training before operating forklifts so as to avoid cases of accidents or injuries at the workplace. A few other benefits of getting a forklift operator certificate include:

More Career Opportunities

Obtaining this certification will open additional, better-paying job opportunities. Nowadays, most employers prefer certified forklift workers to their uncertified counterparts mainly because it helps them reduce the risk of operational hazards, a decline in productivity, and high fines that come with unskilled employees.

Can Improve Your Workplace Safety Record

A trained forklift operator won’t be easily involved in accidents or injuries at the workplace that can affect business operations. Such disasters are negative for the company since they may lead to workers’ compensation increases, retraining expenses, missed work days, and the chances of delivering a product that’s unsafe or of poor quality. When you receive your certification, companies will be more willing to hire you since it means they shall incur fewer costs and damages for their operations.

Forklift Operator Resume

Provides a Competitive Edge Over Other Job Seekers

Getting a forklift operator certification means employers will spend less time and money training you compared to somebody else who doesn’t have any qualifications. They will still need to perform an evaluation of your skills, but they will save hours and potentially days if they do not have to complete the general training portion. They love this.

Additionally, earning the certificate prior to your employment shows that you’re proactive and genuinely care about the industry’s standards. Hence, you stand a greater chance of getting the job compared to other job seekers.

How to Obtain a Forklift Operator Certificate Online

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to get an OSHA forklift certification within just a short time. All you need is to be connected to the internet, and you can take your training from anywhere and at any time. Be sure to choose a reputable provider whose training courses comply with OSHA and the most recognized forklift safety standards.

In conclusion, it’s important to prepare your forklift operator resume competently in order to increase your chances of getting employed. Likewise, remember to get forklift training and certification as a forklift operator so as to gain a competitive edge against other job applicants.